Julie Johns
COPIA Associate

At a Glance:

  • ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
  • Dual career in both IT and in workforce/leadership development
  • Veteran, US Navy


Intersection between IT and Leadership

Julie Johns is a consultant and an ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC). Over the course of her career at the Central Intelligence Agency, Julie effectively developed a dual career in both information technology and in leadership and workforce development. As a well-seasoned manager, Julie led organization-wide employee and leadership development initiatives and large hardware/software projects with multimillion-dollar budgets. She has provided internal and external corporate leadership coaching for over a decade and coached software and non-software development teams in the implementation of Agile Methodology development practices.

Julie does not limit her interests to the world of information technology. She is passionate about health, wellness and stress management programming and earned a Masters degree in Health Education and Promotion.  She has certifications as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, a Certified Health Education Specialist and a Certified Cancer Journey Coach. Thus, Julie is uniquely qualified to coach leaders around leadership competencies, health and wellness and stress management. As an option, interested leaders can work with Julie on integrating their spiritual values and principles into their leadership approach.  The spiritual leadership style isn’t necessarily tied to religious beliefs but rather encompasses a broader sense of spirituality and values.

Neuroscience to Complement Coaching

Julie completed a Certificate in Applied Neuroscience and incorporates current neuroscience research into her coaching with great outcomes. Her clients love learning about how they can leverage their own brain to make a sustainable change in their lives. She is also qualified to design and deliver health-focused intervention programs, and provides customized stress management training.

Julie earned her master’s degree from Marymount University, and a bachelor’s degree in Management from the University of Maryland. She is a Newfield, Inc. trained and certified coach. She is very proud to have served her country as a Navy veteran and as an employee of the CIA.

What Distinguishes Me:

  • 15 years coaching experience
  • Qualified to include health coaching and stress management along with executive and leadership coaching
  • Applies neuroscience research in coaching sessions to support the best coaching outcome
  • With dual careers in IT and workforce development, often selected by IT managers & engineers for executive and leadership coaching

Assessments/Tools I Use

  • Everything DiSC® Suite
  • 5 Behaviors of Effective Teams Facilitator
  • CCL Benchmarks® for Executives™
  • CCL Benchmarks® for Managers™
  • Emotional Intelligence:
    • EQ-i 2.0 360
    • WE-Q Practitioner
  • Hogan Leadership Forecast
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®)
  • Leadership Versatility Index
  • Skillscope® 360
  • FIRO-B®

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