Eileen Wiediger
COPIA Associate

At a Glance:

  • ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
  • Certified Holistic Stress Management Instructor & Coach
  • Certified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Practitioner & Coach


The heart of Eileen Wiediger’s work is about personal growth and discovery whether she is leading high-impact workshops or coaching clients to new places of possibility and wholeness.With her expertise in instructional design and organizational development, she brought this passion to her work in the Federal Government for over 25 years. Since transitioning from that work, she now centers her coaching and learning practice around managing stress to cultivate wellbeing and resilience.

Eileen believes stress is an unavoidable part of life; whether it’s sweating the small stuff, experiencing existential meltdowns about the big stuff, or anything in between. It shows up in almost every aspect of our lives, from careers to relationships to just change in general. Although it’s not possible to eliminate stress, we can change our relationship with it and how we choose to respond to it. In coaching, Eileen’s clients discover what becomes possible when they discover how to shift both their mindset about and their relationship with stress. She also supports her clients in clarifying their values; finding ways to navigate life’s personal and professional challenges more effectively; and committing to actionable steps to create lasting, positive change.

Eileen’s coaching style is highly intuitive, and she brings creativity and a sense of playfulness to learning and coaching conversations. Blending candor with compassion, she creates and holds a safe space for discovery, self-reflection, and growth. Her clients report success in shifting limiting mindsets and beliefs so they can step into the fullest expression of who they are.

Eileen received her Certified Professional Coach (CPC) designation from the Leadership that Works’ Coaching for Transformation ™ program and is also an ICF-accredited coach. She is certified in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and is a Holistic Stress Management Instructor. She is also a Certified Professional Hypnotist (CPH) and holds an M.Sc. in Creativity and Change Leadership.

What Distinguishes Me:

  • Empowers others to transform their relationship with stress and creative positive change.
  • Highly intuitive and empathetic coaching style.
  • Facilitates exploration of possibilities and the development of a serendipity mindset.
  • Celebrates and champions creativity in all forms.

Assessments/Tools I Use

  • Problem-Solving Style: Kirton Adaption-Innovation (KAI) Inventory
  • Everything DiSC® Suite
  • Taking Flight with DISC
  • Taking Flight EQ
  • Perceived Stress Scale (PSS)
  • Emotional Intelligence: EQ-i 2.0 360
  • iEQ9 Integrative Enneagram

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