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Because events that inspire need inspiring speakers…

Selecting a speaker is hard work. The right speaker can set the tone of your event and open the mind and hearts of those attending to see their present reality differently, to embrace changes ahead or to find ways for greater collaboration.

We are here to support you in your next event so that you can spend less time worrying about the speaker and more time ensuring your outcomes are exceeded.

Emotional intelligence and effective leadership are two crucial components that contribute to the success of any organization or team. Being able to understand and manage emotions, both our own and those of others, can significantly impact how we interact and lead others.

A keynote speaker specializing in emotional intelligence and leadership can provide valuable insights and strategies to help individuals and organizations enhance their interpersonal skills, boost team collaboration, and improve overall performance.

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Dr. Irvine Nugent

What do you get when you combine a lifetime of intensive study on Emotional Intelligence with real-world experience, proven results, and trademark Irish humor? You get Irvine Nugent, who brings his world-leading expertise on Emotional Intelligence and leadership to every event.

Speaking Irvine

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