Resilient Leadership
Resilient Leadership Training & Development

What You’ll Learn

Resilient Leadership offers a fresh, insightful, and innovative understanding of how to exercise leadership in a way that is powerful and transformative.

Grounded in the scientific understanding of group functioning, the Resilient Leadership model helps leaders understand how the “emotional system” of their organization — the unconscious, instinctual aspects of human functioning – often dictates how the organization functions on the rational level. By learning to understand and recognize the emotional system at play within a leader’s environment, s/he is able to calm office anxiety, clear confusion, and spur a productive, engaged workforce. Resilient Leadership differs from emotional intelligence training in that the primary focus is the underlying system of an organization and how a leader can maintain calm, clarity and conviction even in anxious times.

Resilient Leadership Training (RL) provides you and your team with a thoroughly researched method to dramatically improve team dynamics in an increasingly interconnected world.  Using scientifically proven models, RL training helps leaders navigate a VUCA world (a world featuring volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity). RL training is for leadership professionals in private, commercial, and government sectors who want to excel in leading people as a complement to their existing technical expertise.

Our resilient leadership training program is designed to equip individuals with the necessary skills and mindset to navigate challenges and uncertainties in the workplace. Through interactive workshops, practical exercises, and personalized coaching, participants will learn how to lead their teams effectively, make informed decisions, and thrive in a dynamic and demanding environment. We aim to empower leaders to confidently face adversity, inspire their teams, and drive organizational success.

Among the content covered is:

  • How to be a less anxious presence. 
  • How to lead with conviction and courage and take tough stands even in the face of resistance. 
  • How to stay connected with your team so you are close enough to influence but with enough distance to lead. 
  • Avoid the leadership trap of over functioning for others in your team and organization. 
  • Better manage tense workplace relationships and avoid being pulled into their drama. 

What Will You DO Differently?

  • Be a clearer and calmer leader under increasing pressure and complexity.
  • Lead and respond to change (and the resistance it often provokes) more nimbly.
  • Build an enhanced ability to take a tough stance, even in the face of pushback.
  • Cultivate healthier, more balanced relationships with key stakeholders.
  • Develop a deeper sense of self-confidence and self-command.
  • Increase your capacity for innovation and creativity
  • Spend less time and energy on dysfunctional behaviors while developing more efficiencies and productivity

At A Glance


1 or 2 day options


Virtual or in-person

Target Audience

All levels of organizational leadership and management who could benefit from leading with calm, clarity and conviction even in anxious times.

Class Size


Materials Included

Comprehensive workbook

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