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Presentation Skills Training | Improve Your Communication Skills

What You’ll Learn

Want to be more effective in developing your staff’s skills? Excellent presentation skills are the keys that open the lock to career advancement, staff retention and your effectiveness as a manager.

Developing social intelligence within your company is an investment that will not only grow your business but grow your people as well. One way to do this effectively is to transform your training, presentation, and sales force to become more confident when speaking in front of people.

Strong presentation skills are essential for leadership success. Poor speaking skills can ground a rising star. This intensive program will help participants deliver presentations that motivate, hold the attention of the audience, and ultimately get results. This is a hands-on dynamic workshop which includes six individual presentations and individual personalized coaching for each participant.

Among the content covered is:

  • Identify the three essential components of a presentation.
  • Create an introduction and conclusion that will grab the attention of your audience.
  • Organize your information in a clear and concise manner.
  • Use body language to connect during your presentation.
  • The best use of visual aids.

What Will You DO Differently?

  • Develop a presentation in half the time using the Applause Presentation Planner©
  • Understand your audience needs ensuring your presentation is always well received.
  • Analyze your voice, body language, and eye contact
  • Use notes without seeming stiff or over-rehearsed.
  • Manage difficult audience members with grace and skill
  • Adapt to different audiences, environments, and unforeseen situations

In Summary

Our presentation skills training program is specifically designed for leaders and executives who want to enhance their ability to communicate effectively and confidently in front of an audience. Whether delivering a keynote speech, leading a team meeting, or pitching a business proposal, strong presentation skills are essential for success in leadership roles.

Our program covers various aspects, such as body language, vocal delivery, storytelling techniques, slide design, and audience engagement strategies. By providing leaders and executives with the tools and techniques to deliver impactful and persuasive presentations, we empower them to inspire and influence their teams, clients, and stakeholders.

At A Glance


1 or 2 days


Virtual or in-person

Target Audience

All levels of organizational leadership and management who could benefit from improving their speaking skills.

Class Size


Materials Included

Full course workbook.

Presentation Skills Experts

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