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Points of You® Tools & Coaching

Why This Session

The Points of You® coaching is a unique and powerful approach that helps individuals gain new perspectives, insights, and breakthroughs. It is a tool that combines photography, storytelling, and coaching techniques to facilitate personal growth and transformation. Using visual stimuli, Points of You coaching enables individuals to tap into their inner wisdom and unleash their true potential.

A creative approach to coaching and facilitation, Points of You® tools integrate pictures and words to stimulate right brain thinking about issues.  Using the tools, participants often discover creative clarity to questions they have been processing, and they create new forward-looking steps for themselves.  Teams find new ways to talk about themselves and their processes through the images in creative facilitated sessions.

Points of You® offers several different tools that can be used in individual coaching, group coaching, or with team facilitations.

The Points of You® Coaching and Tools

Expected Outcomes

Outcomes of sessions are customized to the needs of the group.  In most cases, these sessions provide opportunities to get to know colleagues at a deeper level and explore perspectives on issues facing the group or organization.


2-4 hour activities incorporated into longer team sessions


In person recommended

Group Size

4-40, depending on design of the session

Materials Included

May include Points of You® tools

Points of You™ Experts

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