Lego Serious Play
Lego Serious Play Workshop

Why This Session

LEGO® Serious Play® is an experiential process designed for use in guided workshops to prompt dialogue and encourage reflection, as well as develop problem-solving skills and use of imagination.  It promotes active participation, allowing everyone in the group to lean into creating solutions to challenges facing them.  

Given a challenge, participants actively construct their own meaning, present their thinking as a model, and reflect together on what they have learned or developed in the process.  Building stories with these LEGO® models makes abstract situations come alive and creates a conversational flow around ideas.  It allows for more tangible conversations around distinct, even controversial, concepts that focus less on the builders and more on the ideas reflected in the models.

Expected Outcomes

Outcomes of sessions are customized to the needs of the group.  In most cases, these sessions provide opportunities to explore a team or organizational challenge in a deeper way and come to agreements about how to approach it together.

In Summary

LEGO Serious Play is a facilitated workshop method that uses Lego bricks as a tool for communication, exploration, and problem-solving.

The power of LEGO Serious Play workshop lies in its ability to tap into participants’ creativity and engage them in a hands-on, interactive experience. By using physical objects to represent abstract concepts, participants can access different parts of their brains and express ideas they may not be able to articulate in traditional discussions. This leads to deeper insights, increased collaboration, and more innovative solutions.

Whether you want to enhance team dynamics, foster innovation, or improve decision-making processes, our Lego Serious Play workshops can offer valuable insights and outcomes for your organization.


 2-4 hour activities incorporated into longer team sessions


In-person only

Group Size

4-40, depending on design of the session

Materials Included

LEGO® sets designed for Serious Play

Lego Serious Play Experts

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