Discover, Decide, and Do What Matters
Discover, Decide, and Do What Matters Workshop

What You’ll Learn

This live or virtual workshop delivers tangible Tactics, Tools and Techniques (TTPs) that enable  participants to Discover, Decide and Do What Matters through deliberate mindfulness and conscious choice.  You will learn how to use these TTPs and develop strategies that can change your life.

People typically waste upwards of 70% of their time and energy on things that do not matter.  Participants learn to reverse this statistic by adopting a “Mindset Reset” and utilizing methods that, when used, change them as individuals, leaders, and teams because they will have learned how to remain focused on What Matters.

Abraham Lincoln said, “The best way to predict your future is to create it.” I say, “The best way to create your best future is to Focus on What Matters.”

During the Discover, Decide, and Do What Matters workshop, participants will learn strategies for identifying their most important values and priorities, making informed decisions based on these priorities, and implementing effective action plans to make meaningful progress. Whether you are an individual looking to improve your effectiveness or a team seeking to align your efforts and achieve collective goals, our workshop can provide the tools and guidance needed to make a positive impact.

In this facilitated workshop, we:

  • Get very specific about where you are now, where you want and need to be, and how to get there;
  • Engage in a “Values Equation” that requires you to identify and verbalize your values;
  • Name factors and behaviors that improve and/or inhibit productivity;
  • Assess current performance;
  • Engage in practical exercises that teach you the TTPs and how to use them to become more efficient, effective and engaged employees and leaders—the exercises always result in significant self-discovery;
  • Establish precise SMART goals and expectations.

What Will You DO Differently?

  • Live and Lead Differently by being consciously aligned with your and your organization’s values;
  • Know what it takes to shift from VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) to VUCA Positive (Vision, Understanding, Clarity and Agility);
  • Have an elevated sense of purpose and satisfaction;
  • Improve overall individual and team performance and productivity;
  • Be more focused on what matters to others—your family, your team, your leaders;
  • Expand your awareness of what makes people tick;
  • Be able to name motivators and stressors;
  • Understand and do what it takes to be a more cohesive, winning team.

At A Glance


1, 1.5 and 2 day options


Virtual or in-person

Target Audience

  • Leaders struggling with “overwhelm,” attention management and time management;.
  • Leaders who need to develop more competent decision making skills.

Class Size

Maximum 20

Materials Included

Discover, Decide, and Do What Matters Experts

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