Leadership Versatility Index 360
Leadership Versatility Index 360

Why This Assessment

All leaders struggle with versatility and often do not know how they are perceived by their people! They try to get the balance right between being too forceful/directive and being too “soft” or enabling–and between being too high-level or strategic in their focus, or too operational and “in-the-weeds.” 

What You’ll Learn About Yourself

The Leadership Versatility Index gives insights into how you are doing getting that balance right. Because it is a 360, you will discover exactly how those you work with–direct reports, peers, customers, and supervisors–are experiencing your leadership style. Are you versatile enough to recognize when you must be more directive? Can you change your style depending on the situation and/or the person you’re dealing with, or have you adopted a style and gotten so comfortable with it that you default to that way of leading all the time? Research strongly suggests that most leaders have a blind spot about their own versatility; this instrument gives you a lens through which to view the blind spots you may have, and suggestions about how to lean into a more adaptive style.

Leadership Versatility Index (LVI) Insights

The Leadership Versatility Index (LVI) assessment is a powerful tool that provides valuable insights into an individual’s leadership style and effectiveness. It measures the degree to which a leader is versatile in adapting their approach to different leadership situations. Leaders can enhance their effectiveness and leadership abilities by understanding one’s leadership style and its impact on others.

The assessment is based on extensive research designed to evaluate leaders across various dimensions. It assesses how leaders handle different situations, such as leading in crisis, managing change, and building high-performing teams. The results provide a comprehensive analysis of a leader’s strengths and areas for development, enabling them to make targeted improvements in their leadership style.

The LVI assessment thoroughly evaluates a leader’s behaviors, attitudes, and competencies. It involves input from multiple sources, including self-assessment, peer feedback, direct reports, and supervisors. This multi-source feedback ensures a comprehensive and well-rounded assessment of a leader’s versatility.

Once the assessment is complete, leaders receive a detailed report highlighting their strengths and improvement areas. The report provides valuable insights into how a leader’s style may impact their team and offers specific recommendations for enhancing leadership versatility. 

At A Glance


360 Feedback Assessment

What it Measures

How well a leader balances being forceful vs. empowering, and strategic vs. operational in managing others.

Time to Complete

30-45 minutes

When to Use

When leaders operate in a fluid and challenging environment and need to understand how adept their workforce finds them to be at versatility, change and adaptability.

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