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Why This Assessment

The Hogan assessments are based on 50 years of deep scientific research and experience with testing hundreds of thousands of leaders. This is not a 360, so there is no requirement to send out requests for input from your colleagues, but the research has been conducted in such a way that you get the 360-like experience of “how I show up to others.”

Three parts make up the Leadership Suite:

  • The Potential assessment (or “bright side) measures how you lead most of the time. It includes such things as your reactions to external pressure, how you handle conflict, and how comfortable you are with strategy vs. tactics.
  • The Challenge report (or “dark side”) identifies those parts of you that react—sometimes negatively—when you are not at your best. This allows you to examine what triggers your challenges AND how you can recognize and manage yourself at those times.
  • The Values assessment names your drivers—which can be the power to cause change; altruism; money; aesthetics or science, among others. A clear sense of your drivers allows you to identify jobs that are the best fit and what leadership culture you develop for your team. And since our values are so deeply ingrained they are mostly invisible to us, this report also points out how the values of others differ from our own.

What You’ll Learn About Yourself

Through discovery of your natural leadership style you will find:

  • How it impacts the people around you 
  • What are the things that push your buttons and make you a less effective leader
  • Which are the values that drive you so that you can build on them to lead your team
  • The blind spots that trip you up when others have different values

In Summary

The Hogan Leadership Assessment is a scientifically validated tool that measures various dimensions of leadership, including personality traits, values, and behaviors. By completing this assessment, individuals can better understand their leadership style and how it impacts their effectiveness.

This assessment provides valuable insights into an individual’s strengths and areas for development, allowing organizations to make informed decisions regarding leadership selection, development, and succession planning. By offering the Hogan Leadership Assessment, we are equipping organizations with the necessary information to build and maintain strong leadership teams that drive success and growth.

At A Glance


Individual Personality Assessment

What it Measures

Leadership Potential, Challenges & Values/Motivators

Time to Complete

45-60 minutes

When to Use

When leaders are ready for in depth self-awareness leading to specific areas for growth and behavioral change through individual coaching. Also when leaders need to see how they are perceived by others, but a 360 is not possible or appropriate.

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