Managing Conflict in Conversations
Managing Conflict in Conversations Group Coaching | Conflict Coaching


Resolving conflicts without a third party (your manager, a mediator, etc.) can feel overwhelming.  But anyone can get better at it by learning some basic skills for engaging in hard conversations. This Group Coaching experience offers participants an environment to learn these basic skills using proven tools and mindset changes.  Participants will practice on their own and come together to compare experiences, reflect on their learning, process their challenges, and actively work on improving their conflict resolution skills.  Using select chapters from Difficult Conversation, the group will learn and practice new approaches to tough conversations. 

Our Managing Conflict in Conversations Group Coaching program provides participants with the tools and techniques to manage conflict in conversations successfully. Our experienced coaches guide participants through various scenarios and teach them strategies to de-escalate tense situations, foster understanding, and find mutually beneficial solutions.

By the end of the program, participants will have gained valuable insights into conflict management and developed the skills necessary to navigate difficult conversations confidently and easily. They will be equipped with practical techniques that can be applied to various aspects of their lives, from professional interactions to personal relationships.

Learning points include:

  • Shifting from a blaming or defensive stance into a learning stance in preparation for a hard conversation.
  • Exploring differing stories to develop a more objective perspective on issues.
  • Disentangling intent from impact.
  • Self-awareness around your own emotions and identity triggers in tense situations.
  • Balancing advocating for your position with curiosity about other positions.

Expected Outcomes

Outcomes are unique by participant, all related to the general theme. At the beginning of the experience, each participant works with a coach to identify a personal focus based on their current concerns or challenges.  They apply thought leaders’ ideas to this personal focus and determine personalized practices to work on between sessions.  At the end of the experience, they meet with their coach again to discuss their progress and future steps.

At A Glance



Target Audience

Leaders and emerging leaders at any level 

Group Size


Number of Sessions

  • Six or eight 90-minute group sessions (two options available).
  • Two 30-minute individual sessions – one before and one after the group sessions.
  • Participants who miss more than one session forfeit further participation.

Materials Included

Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most

Time Commitment

Approximately 3-4 months, depending the chosen option

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