Five Behaviors Facilitator Training
Five Behaviors Facilitator Training | The Five Behaviors Facilitator Certification

What You’ll Learn

Bring the power of Five Behaviors (powered by Everything DiSC) into your organization or coaching/consulting practice by becoming an approved facilitator.

Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team is a research-based model that enables organizations to improve teamwork and achieve better results. The model provides a framework for building a truly cohesive and effective team.  As a Five Behaviors trained facilitator, you will be trained to lead teams through this process, administering and facilitating one of the leading team development assessments on the market.

Based on the research we know that highly effective teams display positive behaviors around five key elements:

  • Trust
    Strong teams need employees to feel safe being vulnerable, transparent and honest with other team members. This won’t happen when members don’t trust each other. It’s called vulnerability-based trust, and we’ll teach you methods build it.

  • Conflict
    Teams are less apprehensive of conflict when they trust each other more willingly share their opinions and ideas. Conflict situations can be constructive instead of destructive when everyone’s participation is unfiltered.

  • Commitment
    When people’s opinions formed part of the decision-making process—through constructive debate—they feel more connected to the outcome. This leads to team members being more committed to decisions and plans.

  • Accountability
    This sense of commitment to a plan drives accountability. A team’s passion to see a positive outcome will lead to team members to keep both themselves and others accountable. Why? Because the outcome really matters to everyone on the team.

  • Results
    And that’s where it will all lead to: Outcome and results that you’ve been dreaming of but have never seen realized.


Our facilitator training program will provide you with everything you need to incorporate this dynamic programs into your organization as an internal facilitator/coach OR bring it to the leaders you work with as an external consultant/coach.

What Will You DO Differently?

  • Provide team-coaching sessions for intact teams applying the Five Behaviors principles to their day-to-day interaction.
  • Coach teams on their specific challenges based on data collected in Five Behaviors Team assessment.
  • Coach individuals on how they can improve their team behaviors and drive team cohesiveness based on data collected in the Five Behaviors Individual Development assessments.

At A Glance


Two days



Target Audience

  • Internal facilitators/coaches bringing leadership expertise to organizational teams
  • External consultants/coaches adding a world-class team coaching tool to their toolset

Class Size


Materials Included

  • Five Dysfunctions of a Team
  • Five Behaviors Team and Individual Development assessments
  • Five Behaviors Facilitation Kit with everything needed to implement the program, including slides, videos, handouts, and detailed facilitator guidance
Five Behaviors Facilitator Training Experts

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