Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility (ETAC)
Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility (ETAC) Course

What You’ll Learn

In most interactions, individuals put too much emphasis on the spoken words. This approach results in a significant loss of information and is ineffective in assessing the credibility of others.

The Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility course covers the psychological models behind truth and lies, plus the skills required to identify ‘Hotspots’ (instances when the strain between what we are thinking and what we are feeling produce observable/audible leakage across the five channels).

The course is designed to help you to read and evaluate the degree of truthfulness and credibility in what others are communicating to you.

Participants will learn how to read and evaluate others through their verbal and nonverbal behaviors and use this skill to accurately evaluate their credibility or uncover any deception.

During this program you will go far beyond just analyzing the words, you will learn how to read and interpret all 5 core channels of communication (facial expressions, body language, the voice, verbal style, and verbal content) and how these can be used to expose the true thoughts of others.

Among the content covered is:

  • Identify the importance of baselines and when they occur
  • Take a structured approach to the detection of leakage
  • Identify and evaluate ‘hotspots’
  • Carry out hypothesis testing
  • Identify and evaluate clues to lying and truth telling
  • Adopt active listening and observation skills
  • Utilize these skills to evaluate truthfulness and credibility

What Will You DO Differently?


  • Analyze the psychological processes that occur when people lie
  • Develop your ability to assess the credibility of others through their verbal and non-verbal behaviors
  • Practice and hone your deception detection skills using real participants and live exercises
  • Learn how to spot hidden displays of emotions through a person’s micro facial expressions using Dr. Paul Ekman’s pioneering training technique
  • Employ an effective interviewing model that will enable you to elicit valuable information from clients.

At A Glance


3 days


Virtual or in-person

Target Audience

  • Leaders who are seeking to enhance their ability to assess the credibility of people in various settings such as boardroom meetings, negotiations, and employee assessments. 
  • Sales professionals who want to develop a stronger read of clients so they can drive up their sales success.
  • Human resource and hiring managers who want to assess the credibility of potential hires and existing employees.

Class Size


Materials Included

Full course workbook & Access to Paul Ekman Micro Expression and Subtle Expression online training tool.

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