Emotional Skills and Competencies (ESAC)
Emotional Skills and Competencies Course

What You’ll Learn

The Emotional Skills and Competencies live virtual training seminar will give you the tools, techniques, and approaches to become the master of your emotions and ensure that they are working for you, and not against you. You will develop your behavior analysis abilities and enhance your skills in reading others through verbal and non-verbal cues. You will learn how to use this advanced competency to gain deeper insights into the thoughts and feeling of those you interact with and aid you in building constructive and positive relationships.

It will also develop your skills to enable you to read the true emotions in others to help you build and maintain constructive, successful relationships. You will learn how to read facial expressions, plus the other four channels that we need to pay attention to in others if we really want to know what they are saying: body language, voice, verbal style, and the actual words spoken/written. You will practice and hone those skills in a safe environment with a Paul Ekman International Approved Master Trainer.

Among the content covered is:

  • Cover a brief history of emotions and why they are vital to our survival
  • Adopt a simple framework for developing your emotional skills
  • Develop your ability to analyze the verbal and non-verbal behaviors of others using real participants in live exercises
  • Learn how to spot Micro Expressions and Subtle Expressions using Dr. Paul Ekman’s pioneering training techniques
  • Employ an effective conversation management model, so you are equipped for all types of encounters

What Will You DO Differently?

  • Understand how emotions work
  • Know your emotional triggers and how to manage them
  • Be aware of emotional impulses from the outset
  • Respond to emotionally charged situations, and not react impulsively towards them
  • Be able to read emotions in others through their verbal and non-verbal behaviors
  • Understand the emotions of others more insightfully
  • Use your new skills to develop constructive and positive relationships

At A Glance


2 days


Virtual or in-person

Target Audience

  • Leaders who are seeking to enhance their emotional intelligence and are looking to improve their impact in the boardroom, with external stakeholders, and with employees.
  • Sales professionals who want to develop stronger relationships with clients and who want to read their need to drive up sales success.
  • Human resource and hiring managers who want to assess the credibility of potential hires and existing employees.

Class Size


Materials Included

Full course workbook & Access to Paul Ekman Micro Expression and Subtle Expression online training tool.

Emotional Skills and Competencies (ESAC) Experts

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