e-Factor® – Emotional Intelligence Assessment
e-Factor Emotional Intelligence Assessment

Why This Assessment

The e-factor EQ assessment is a tool designed to measure an individual’s emotional intelligence. It evaluates a person’s ability to recognize, understand, and manage their own emotions, and their ability to identify and understand the emotions of others. This emotional intelligence assessment provides valuable insights into an individual’s interpersonal skills, communication style, and overall emotional well-being.

Many feel that when it comes to leadership skills especially people skills a person either has it or does not. The good news is that Emotional Intelligence can be developed. However, its essential to have an objective assessment that can be built into your leadership development program.

The e-Factor provides a pre-course measure of the level of emotional intelligence. It also points to the main emotional intelligence strengths and weaknesses which can inform the skills to be reviewed and practiced. Finally, it can be used as post-course to measure the impact of any program.

What You’ll Learn About Yourself

The e-Factor is a breakthrough assessment which for the first time enables people to get an objective EQ score which measures a person’s emotional intelligence ability and provides a pathway to zero in on the development areas needed to expand their level of emotional intelligence.

  • The e-Factor is built upon a model of emotional intelligence of 12 core competencies that is comprehensive yet easy to understand. These competencies get to the core abilities that differentiate leaders and managers with high emotional intelligence.
  • Its unique methodology combines self-report, 360-degree feedback, and an objective situational judgement test to get a reliable EQ score that provides leaders and managers their true level of EQ.
  • Results are delivered with a detailed analysis report which helps ones understand their emotional intelligence strengths and weakness and identify areas for growth and development.
  • The e-Factor can also be used with both intact and cross functional teams. It reveals a team score and pinpoints development areas for the team.

At A Glance


Individual And Team Emotional Intelligence Assessment

What it Measures

Level Of Emotional Intelligence

Time to Complete

50-60 Minutes

When to Use

Suited for both selection and leadership development initiatives especially when a pretest and posttest is required to show growth of emotional intelligence.

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