Everything DiSC®
Everything DiSC® Assessment

Why This Assessment

Powered by 40+ years of research, each Everything DiSC® personality assessment combines adaptive testing and sophisticated algorithms to deliver precise insights to each participant. These insights lay the groundwork for a personalized experience rich with “aha!” moments that inspire behavior change.

The DiSC assessment consists of a series of questions that individuals answer based on their preferences and behaviors. The answers are then analyzed to determine their dominant behavioral style. The assessment considers factors such as communication style, decision-making approach, and response to conflict. With this information, individuals can better understand their strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

In addition, each Everything DiSC® assessment provides access to Catalyst™,  a personalized, mobile-enabled learning platform that acts as a single access point throughout a learner’s DiSC® Journey. Catalyst integrates DiSC into the flow of work, ensuring what is learned is readily applied.

By taking the Everything DiSC® assessment, individuals can better understand their strengths and areas for growth and gain insights into how they interact and communicate with others. This assessment can be extremely beneficial for team building, leadership development, and improving overall communication and collaboration within an organization.

At COPIA Leadership, we have a team of certified DiSC facilitators who are experienced in administering and interpreting DiSC assessments. We provide personalized feedback and guidance to help individuals and organizations maximize their assessment results. Our approach is tailored to meet your needs and goals, ensuring a valuable and impactful experience.

What You’ll Learn About Yourself

The personalized content in the profile deepens self-understanding through the DiSC model. People gain insight into their own preferences and tendencies, learn more about relating to others, and receive actionable strategies to help them improve their interactions and ultimately, their performance.

Each Everything DiSC assessment provides a specialized application of the basic profile.

  • Workplace:  In-depth self-discovery and strategies for successful interactions and workplace relationships.
  • Management: Insights into personal management styles as well as customized suggestions for better delegating, motivating, and developing workers of different styles.
  • Agile EQ: Discovery of EQ mindsets that are both strengths and challenges, including customized suggestions for building the agility to step into any of the EQ mindsets.
  • Productive Conflict: Self-awareness around personal reactions to conflict and steps for transforming destructive behavior into productive responses.
  • Work of Leaders: Introduction to a simple model of leadership with personalized insights leverage strengths and overcome challenges on the path to more impactful leadership.
  • Sales: Insights into personal sales styles as well as customized suggestions for adapting to customers’ preferences and expectations based on their styles.

At A Glance


Individual Personality Assessment

What it Measures

Behaviors related to 12 key behavioral styles

Time to Complete

15 minutes

When to Use

For individuals stretching into new behaviors outside the familiar; For managers adapting their management style to different types; For teams building more effective communication.

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