Delivering Effective Feedback
Delivering Effective Feedback Training


Developing the skill to deliver effective feedback is essential supervisors/managers because it is one of the primary ways they can improve the performance and productivity of their team. It takes time, practice and reflection to improve the skill.  This Group Coaching experience provides an environment to do just that.  Using a variety of TED Talks and Harvard Business Review articles, participants will learn and practice their feedback skills, coming together to reflect on their learning and process the challenges they are facing.

Delivering effective feedback is an essential skill in any professional setting. Whether you are a manager, team leader, or simply a coworker, providing constructive and helpful feedback can greatly contribute to the growth and success of individuals and teams.

Our group coaching experience will equip participants with the skills and knowledge to deliver effective feedback. Participating in the experience will give you the necessary knowledge and skills to provide constructive, supportive, and impactful feedback. Invest in your professional development and join our training program on delivering effective feedback today.

Learning points include:

  • Basic process for providing feedback
  • Recognizing when more positive or negative feedback is appropriate
  • Open framing of feedback to encourage growth
  • Setting up and supporting employee goals
  • Delivering feedback to under-performers or defensive employees
  • Delivering feedback to star performers

Expected Outcomes

Outcomes are unique by participant, all related to the general theme. At the beginning of the experience, each participant works with a coach to identify a personal focus based on their current concerns or challenges.  They apply thought leaders’ ideas to this personal focus and determine personalized practices to work on between sessions.  At the end of the experience, they meet with their coach again to discuss their progress and future steps.

At A Glance



Target Audience

Supervisors and managers who are in a position to provide regular feedback to direct reports

Group Size


Number of Sessions

  • Six 90-minute group sessions.
  • Two 30-minute individual sessions – one before and one after the group sessions begin and end.
  • Participants who miss more than one session forfeit further participation.

Materials Included

HBR Guide to Delivering Effective Feedback

Time Commitment

Approximately 3 months

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