Team Coaching

Enhancing Team Communication and Performance

Team coaching for development and performance is essential for organizations to enhance collaboration, communication, and overall effectiveness within their teams. By providing targeted coaching sessions, team members can gain valuable insights and skills to improve their individual and collective performance.

A Team Coach works with a team to identify and work through challenges that impact the team’s performance. Team Coaching may include assessments, building common language, defining cultural norms, articulating team communication goals, team observation and feedback, and process improvement facilitations, among other options.

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When do leaders use Team Coaching?

  • They’ve noticed tension on a team that may explode into conflict without intervention
  • They are frustrated by passive aggressive behaviors that indirectly express negativity
  • Their team lacks clarity in roles and responsibilities, leading to lack of results
  • They are aware of a lack of trust between team members
  • Their subordinate team leader(s) need support pulling the team together
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COPIA Leadership’s Approach to Team Coaching

COPIA Leadership uses structured interviews and/or surveys to determine key challenges limiting the team’s effectiveness in three key areas: organizational clarity, trust and relationships, and personal courage.  By focusing on specific activities in each area, the Team Coach supports the team’s progress on its defined improvement goals.  

Getting Started is Simple

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Team Assessment and Recommendations

The team tells us about their issues, challenges, and strengths through structured interviews and/or surveys. We synthesize and provide recommendations.

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Customized Plan

In collaboration with the team leader, we develop a customized plan with proposed activities related to issues in each of the elements.

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Coaching Interactions

A Team Coach interacts with the leader, small groups, or the entire team in a variety of ways, each designed to help the team learn and achieve its defined goals.

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