Individual Leadership Coaching

Customized Leadership Development

Individual coaching provides customized leadership development so participants have accountability and personal support as they work to develop their leadership skills.


When do leaders use Individual Coaching?

  • They have a new position with greater responsibilities
  • They’re new to leadership and want to define a personal leadership style
  • They need to address conflicts on a team
  • They need to become more strategic in their thinking
  • They want to become more focused on people’s needs than deadlines
  • They’re frustrated that their communication style doesn’t seem to work with everyone
  • They need to learn to manage up
  • They don’t know how to give effective feedback

COPIA Leadership’s Approach to Individual Coaching

Our individual leadership coaching offers a personalized and tailored approach to developing leadership skills. It involves working one-on-one with a professional coach who specializes in leadership development. The coach helps you identify your strengths and areas for improvement, sets goals, and provides guidance and support as you become a more effective and influential leader.

Individual leadership coaching is one-on-one confidential coaching for a set period of time. Number of sessions and timing within the engagement is at the discretion of the client and coach, with the option to renew as desired. May include a personality or 360 assessment.

Individual Coaching

Key Assessments We Use

Assessments have the power to unlock greater insight and pinpoint areas for development.  COPIA Leadership uses a variety of cutting edge assessments from 360 instruments to measures of emotional intelligence and other essential elements of leadership.

Don’t settle for a bandaid. Don’t do it alone. Work with us to create leadership development offerings that actually deliver lasting results.