A Group Coaching Experience in a cohort environment

Expand the Power of Coaching Across Your Organization

Our leadership group coaching experiences are designed to help individuals develop and enhance their leadership skills in a collaborative and supportive environment. Through our experiences, participants can learn from experienced coaches and their peers, share insights and challenges, and receive guidance and feedback to improve their leadership abilities.

Group Coaching offers individual leaders a chance to work on personal goals or explorations in a cohort environment. It provides a unique setting for individuals to gain different perspectives, learn from other’s experiences, and develop a strong network of like-minded leaders. A Group Coaching experience provides peer learning opportunities that aren’t available in individual coaching, such as observing others being coached and structured peer interactions.

Whether you are a seasoned executive or a new manager, our leadership group coaching program can help you become a more effective and successful leader.

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When do leaders use Group Coaching?

  • They are dealing with cross-organizational issues (like managing hybrid teams) where they could learn from each other while building their networks
  • They have a particular interest in one of the group coaching themes we offer (like using an instrument for deeper self-awareness) and learn best when there is a combination of new content and deep discussion in a a small group setting
  • They are new to management and don’t know which topics they need the most help with, and like learning with others in their situation
Group Coaching

COPIA Leadership’s Approach to Group Coaching

COPIA brings a specialized approach to Group Coaching that provides leaders with a unique context in which to focus on a personal goal around a specific topic–something current and highly relevant to their work. Doing this in a group setting provides cost benefits and the opportunity to learn and grow with colleagues. Our trademark model gives structure to each session, so that participants gain new insights on the topic as well as planning actions to take between sessions and reviewing those actions in a confidential, helpful environment.

Key Group Coaching Experiences

We offer a variety of Group Coaching Experiences focused on the most critical challenges leaders face today.

Don’t settle for a bandaid. Don’t do it alone. Work with us to create leadership development offerings that actually deliver lasting results.