Balancing Empathy and Accountability
Balancing Empathy and Accountability Workshop

What You’ll Learn

The Balancing Empathy with Accountability workshop will deepen your understanding of empathy and accountability and give you the skills to balance empathy for the human with accountability for what the human is responsible to do. This workshop will explore that balance and give you skills and tools to use when engaging in uncomfortable conversations.

Leaders must establish trust, set clear expectations, and lean into the discomfort of accountability conversations, while remaining empathetic. This session will explore:

  • What empathy is – and isn’t
  • The relationship between self-compassion and empathy
  • How to expand your capacity for empathy
  • How empathy builds trust
  • How to empathetically engage with others in a variety of difficult situations
  • The foundation of a culture of accountability
  • Engaging in accountability conversations with empathy, while setting clear expectations and boundaries
  • Ways to open the dialogue in accountability conversations
  • Providing constructive feedback in effective, meaningful ways that produce results and deepen relationships, rather than damaging them
  • Explore the myth that only supervisors can have accountability conversations
  • Normalizing the discomfort of accountability conversations
  • Specific tools to use within uncomfortable conversations

What Will You DO Differently?

  • Notice emotions in yourself and others
  • Be more willing to see others’ perspectives as valid, even when those perspectives are outside of your lived experience
  • Set the foundation for accountability through clear expectations and boundaries
  • Engage in accountability conversations from a place of empathy and curiosity, rather than judgment
  • Use accountability conversations to build trust
  • Employ powerful, trust-building tools within uncomfortable conversations

In Summary

This workshop provides participants with practical tools and strategies to effectively communicate and collaborate while maintaining a sense of personal responsibility and holding others accountable. By attending this workshop, participants will gain valuable insight and skills to significantly enhance their ability to build strong and healthy relationships, personally and professionally.

At A Glance


1 day


Virtual or in-person

Target Audience

Leaders who want to deepen trust and create a culture of accountability on their teams; individual contributors who want to increase trust with colleagues and sustain a culture of accountability on their teams.

Class Size

Maximum 25

Materials Included

Balancing Empathy and Accountability Experts

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